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George & Hannah

George and Hannah met through mutual friends. Their first date  was spending the day together hanging out and getting to know each other. They went to a scenic overlook, dinner, and then watched a kid's movie with Hannah's roommate's daughter. One of their favorite things to do together is talking about their future... where they might live, trips they are going to take, and what their dream house would look like. "Dreaming and planning together is great because the possibilities are endless!" says Hannah.
George proposed on April 28, 2011. It was after Hannah came home from work and they were making dinner together. He asked her to get something from the cabinet, (pepper she thinks), and when she opened the cabinet there was a ring box that had a note on it. When she turned around he got down on one knee and told her why he wanted to spend his life with her and then asked if she would marry him. "I, of course said 'yes!' and can't be more excited for our wedding day!"

This couple was a joy to shoot, and I can't wait to shoot their upcoming wedding!