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Ode to Springtime

There are few things I love more than Springtime (beside Autumn, of course). I awake to that first robin who sings as she prepares her nest, tender yellow-green shoots of grass emerging from earth, cool to the touch, blanketing the earth in life and buzzing creatures. I hear the humming of lawn mowers coughing to life after being long forgotten in storage sheds over Winter, the smell of freshly cut grass fills my house through the open window letting Spring in. I hear squeals from elated children whizzing by on scooters and bicycles, smiles permeating their faces as they embrace freedom for the first time, their nervous mothers following close behind, yelling be carefuls. My weeping cherry tree explodes with pink and white as bumblebees clumsily inspect her delicate blooms. I forage in the woods for mushrooms and sassafras, sustenance found among scattered leaves and dug from muddy stream beds. I walk and feel that slightly cool breeze and I'm reminded how beautiful this earth is. My thoughts drift to all the horrible things happening in the world - such terrible things which make God cry and yet even through His tears He sees fit to bless us. Even through His crying we are being made whole and given new mercies every morning. This God who makes beauty of ashes, bitter to sweet... Winter to Spring. Spring is Christ's renewal of vows with us, a love letter sent to give hope and express His heart. Each April shower baptizes the earth, cleansing it and bringing forth new life. ~

A young morning dove keeps an eye on me.

My neighbor's dogwood tree in full bloom.

A speckled-egg nest.