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Little known fact about me: I have beautiful cousins.

Angela drove several hours to do this shoot with me and we had an absolute blast. There are quite a few years between us (I won't say how many, *ahem*), but it's amazing how alike we are. We both prefer being by ourselves, we love the same kind of music, and we are eccentric, creative, and we both feel out of place in any given situation. So you can imagine my relief to find there is someone else in the world who is just like me, and it's only a bonus that we're related! We hit it off splendidly. And can I just say she acted like she's modeled her whole life? Because she did. She modeled like she was born for it. I hardly had to give her any direction at all! This was that kind of shoot where it was difficult to narrow the photos down because (and I'm not joking), they are ALL so good. Thank you Angela, for making the trip to Central PA to hang with your second cousin. Let's do it again soon, OK? Like tomorrow? Sounds good. ;)