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Behind the Curtain

I decided it was time to create an office in our spare room, as the kitchen table was being slowly buried in all my photo gear/paperwork. I figured since I spend hours and hours sitting at the computer making your photos look beautiful, I deserved a special little nook where I could be inspired and truly make it my own. (The salt and pepper shakers just weren't cutting it anymore.) So in three days, I gutted a room, organized closets, painted walls, and refurbished a desk I found at Goodwill for $40. Whew! The wall features lovely artwork by my stepdaughter, and I made little pockets out of paint swatches on my bulletin board (loving that splash of color!). A couple finishing touches with some flowers and chalkboard art and I'm done!

I thought I would share this little project with you so you can see where I will be editing your lovely photo shoots. I hope you enjoy seeing where the "girl behind the curtain" creates and imagines. :)