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A Girl and Her Camera Bag ~ A Review

I was over the moon when I learned I had won the March "Go Green" contest on Jessica Drossin Textures site last month. Jessica is an astoundingly talented photographer and artist and she creates stunning textures to use on your images. (In fact, she just released a cloud overlay pack that is to die for and can be found here.) She is also just a really nice human being. She goes out of her way to comment on every single photo users post on her Facebook page, and is very life-giving in her feedback. If you're a photographer and you've never used her textures/overlays, then please do yourself a favor and go get them, I promise you will use them constantly and they will become your best friends. Here is the photo I entered in the contest. It was edited on my Iphone using the Artstudio app, as well as other apps including Snapseed, Image Blender, and Photoforge2.

My entry, titled Keeper of New Life

The prize for her contest was a $100 credit towards her textures/overlays as well as the Epiphanie camera bag of my choice! You don't know how stoked this made me! I have been drooling and pining for one of these bags for a while now and to know I would finally have one... well it was like Christmas in March. But better than that even because my birthday is in March, so it was like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into - well, you get the idea. If you've never heard of Epiphanie camera bags, you could be living under a rock. They are high quality, leather camera bags with trendy designs and they are known for their durability and wonderful customer service. Visit their page Epiphanie Bags and check them out!

The reason I am writing this blog almost a month after winning the contest and actually receiving the bag was because I wanted to give a fair review on the bag itself. In a word? It's amazeballs. I chose the Turquoise "Brooklyn" bag. I was immediately sold on the fact I could wear it as a backpack as well as a cross-body bag. The color was a definite yes for me too, as I love all things teal or turquoise.
Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this bag. It has millions of pockets and compartments. It can hold my Macbook Pro, as well as several lenses, one or two flashes, my wallet, a few small props, my Fuji Intax camera + extra film, a package of beef jerky (never be caught without beef jerky), a pack of gum (for after the beef jerky), batteries, lens cleaner, lip gloss, antibacterial gel, cotton candy scented spray (man, that beef jerky really lingers), oh yeah and it holds my camera too. What's amazing is even with all that inside, it feels light and sturdy, which is great for my aching back. The leather seems to be of higher quality and has that nice leather smell to it, although it does feel a little on the thin side. One other thing I wanted to mention was the straps for me are almost too long. I have them adjusted almost as far as they'll go and it still hangs low on my back, especially if I have it packed. I do, however, notice that it doesn't have a lot of "bounce" when I'm wearing it as a cross-body which is great. No one likes bouncy camera bags. Overall, I have not had an issues with it so far, and I do believe I will be enjoying it for years to come!

I would like to thank Jessica Drossin and Epiphanie Bags again for such a great birthday gift. It truly was an honor!