I fell in love with photography when, at the age of 17, my parents got me an ancient Olympus OM-1 as a Christmas gift. Nearly 17 years later, my love of all things photography continues to grow and evolve. I love using as much natural light as possible, and specialize in senior and engagement photography. You may also find me gallivanting around the countryside with my camera in tow, capturing dilapidated barns and curious milk cows.

I believe in this digital age, photographers are a dime a dozen. Because of this, most folks want to hire someone who is truly original and who has experience. They want someone who understands that their photos are very important, if not the most important tangible memory of time. They are handed down from generation to generation, saved in strong-boxes, framed on walls, and showcased in albums set on coffee tables. They are keepers of memories, windows of laughter, and time-capsules of days gone by. Growing up, we had a box of old photos stashed in my parent's closet. I would spend countless hours sifting through those dog-eared corners of black and white, that endearing, musty smell of the photo paper tickling my nose. I loved hearing my mother tell the story behind each capture, tearing up because life is too short and these photos are treasures - trinkets of a life fully blessed. Yes, photos are important. And it is my desire to capture such endearing memories for you.

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